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How you ever wondered about how to have a girl naturally? If you have, then it is time for you to learn about some of the tips that can be used.

The conception of a girl occurs when a single sperm cell which holds an X chromosome fertilizes the ovum before the cells containing Y chromosomes get there.

Fertilization by a sperm cell containing Y chromosomes leads to the conception of a boy. With this in mind, we are going to look at the following topics:


The sperm cells which contain Y chromosomes tend to move faster than those with X chromosomes when deposited inside your body. This means that they reach the eggs faster.

However, their X counterparts move slower than them but have a longer lifespan.

They can live inside the uterus and fallopian tube for two days more than the Y cells can manage. Therefore, the following are some natural methods that can be used to conceive a girl:

a. Establish your ovulation cycle and create a chart where possible. Using the chart, you can identify the day when you expect to begin ovulating.

Make sure that you begin to engage in sex about five days before you start ovulating.

This ensures that the sperm cells containing X chromosomes will always be present inside your uterus and fallopian tubes and therefore the chances of conceiving a girl will be boosted.

b. Having sex regularly from the day your menstruation comes to an end. When you do this, the Y sperm cells quickly get to the uterus and fallopian tube, but they do not find any eggs to fertilize.

However, the X cells take time to reach the fertilization sites, but they can survive for a long time until the time when you begin to ovulate again so that they fertilize the ova.

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You can also choose to use the method of artificial insemination which involves the introduction of semen into the uterus and fallopian tubes using hospital equipment.

When you ask your doctor to help inseminate with sperm cells that can increase chances for the conception of a girl, the doctor will make it happen.

This is possible because semen can be harvested from your spouse and put under conditions which are good for X sperm cells but unfavorable for Y cells. When this semen is introduced into your reproductive system, you will have better chances of conceiving a girl.


Chinese Birth Chart for Gender SelectionThis method can be a bit complicated because of the calculations involved, but there is a Chinese conception chart that can guide you.

You can establish your lunar age according to the instructions.

It will then be your guide when you want to choose a favorable period when you are likely to conceive a girl according to the chart. You can, therefore, have sex during those days indicated.


In case your problem is having a boy, you can use methods which are favorable for allowing the sperm cells with Y chromosomes to reach the fertilization sites quickly.

You can start having sex at the onset of your ovulation process so that the Y cells can find an egg to fertilize before their lifespan runs out.

The methods described above might seem far-fetched, but they can be instrumental in achieving the desired results.

You can try them regularly to ensure that you increase the chance of getting the child of a gender you wish to get.

How to Have a Boy or Girl Through Scientific Methods

Many couples, or even singles who want to get pregnant,  would love to have control over the gender of the child they bear at any given time rather than leaving it to nature. Fortunately, there is sufficient scientific knowledge that can be used to increase the odds of having a specific gender.

It does not take a genius to learn how to have a girl through scientific methods or natural conception and gender selection.

In fact, there are various approaches that are recommended for those looking up information on how to have a girl or how to have a boy.

You can also find details on about using the Chinese Calendar here.

Here is a brief look at how you can conceive a girl child through scientific interventions.

The biology of sperm cells

The gender of a child depends primarily on the father’s sperm cells which can be male or female.

Male sperm cells carry Y-chromosomes and are said to swim very fast, have a low resilience and die fast (within 2-3 days of ejaculation).

spermFemale sperm cells on the other hand contain X-chromosomes and are said to be slightly larger (carrying 2.8% more DNA) than male cells. They are more resilient (taking up to 5 days) and swim a lot slower.

This is the single most important characteristic of sperm cells that is used as foundation in most information regarding gender selection.

As a matter of fact, it is the same used when looking to boost your chances of conceiving a boy as well.

Scientific ways of conceiving a girl

As aforementioned, male sperm cells contain Y-chromosomes and will result in the conception of a boy child if they fertilize the egg.

Similarly, female sperm cells containing the X-chromosomes will result in the conception of a girl child. In order to scientifically intervene in the conception of a child, the male and female sperm cells need to be separated.

There are two main methods used:

a) Ericsson Technique

– this technique relies on the swim speed of sperm cells. Since male cells swim
faster than female, a special sorting technique is used to isolate them based
on their swim speed.

Once done, the same kind is used in artificial

b) Micro-sorting

– this is another popular technique used in separating male sperm cells from
female cells. It is based on the fact that female sperm cells are slightly
large in diameter than male sperm cells as they contain more DNA.

A dye is applied to the sperm cells and large female cells are expected to absorb more of the dye.

These two techniques enjoy a high success rate, but are not a guarantee that you will get a girl. In both cases, you have a 9 out of 10 chance of getting a girl and 3 out of 4 for a boy.

conceive a boy or girl


There are various recommendations for those who want to learn how to have a girl using natural means.

These include timing ovulation, increasing intake of certain nutrients, shallow penetration ejaculation and having intercourse 4-5 days before menses among others.

Compared with these methods, scientific options offer the best solution if you want to be at least 90% sure. It simply uses rigid science that can be used to isolate the female sperm cells and use them to fertilize the egg.