me and my miracle baby

I’m a (reasonably) new mum.

Like many would-be mums out there it took me a long time to get pregnant. But when I decided (or me and my husband decided) to have a child we also wanted to choose the gender of our baby.

I’ve done a lot of research into this subject. What did I find?

Well with medical science you can almost guarantee the sex of your child but the procedures are long and expensive!

What I found is that you can use natural means (home remedies) to help you chose the gender of your child at conception. These methods are not as sure-fired as the scientific ways but they do have a very high success rate.

Did they work for me?

Yes they did!!!

Many people will think it’s just coincidence but I think not as I’ve done it twice already as have many, many other women around teh country and around the world.

I hope the information I share with you will also help you to have your own little miracles.