Hello to All You Would-be Mums!


Welcome to one and all.

I’m a loving mum who has deliberately chosen the gender of her baby (with my husband’s mutual consent also I might add).

In the same way as other would-be mums out it took time to get the correct information to get pregnant with first a girl and then a boy (we wanted only 2 kids and wanted one of each).

My Research into Choosing My Baby’s Gender

To be able to do this successfully it required a long investment of time to shift through the bad information to get to the good information.

me pregnantWe simply couldn’t afford to pay for medical treatment so I had to learn how to do it naturally.

Yet, when I chose (or me and my significant other chose) to have 2 children we likewise chose to pick the gender of our children.

I’ve completed a great deal of research into this subject. What did I discover?

My Discoveries

Well with restorative science you can nearly ensure the sex of your youngster . However e prepared to pay a pretty penny and to lose all privacy into the bargain.

What I found is that you can utilize common means (home cures you might call them) to help you pick the sex your yet-to-be-born baby.

These strategies are fool-proof but rather they do have a high rate of success.

how to have a boy or girl

Choosing My Baby’s Gender

Did they work for me?

Truly they did. And they worked both times.

I hope what I share with you will work for you as well.

Best of luck in your quest for a new baby.