How to Choose Your Child’s Gender Using the Chinese Calendar

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You can help improve your chances of having either a boy or a girl by several different methodologies. Cultures around the world have found that eating certain foods, particular physical behavior, the position of conception, and even the day on which you try to conceive all play a part in a baby’s gender.

One method is the use of the Chinese Calendar. As old as the Qing Dynasty from 1644-1911 AD, this Chinese calendar has been used to predict the sex of several different children by using your age and the day on which you wish to conceive. If you want to know how to conceive a girl using the Chinese calendar, check out the information below.

Chinese Calendar for Gender prediction

What is the Chinese Calendar

This ancient form of predicted conception is deeply engrained in Chinese culture and heritage, using the standard Chinese lunar Calendar, the baby calendar or gender calendar determines the sex of the baby all with about a 50% success rate.

The calendar was originally designed for the royal families of China and then captured during the Eight Nation Alliance by English soldiers. There are two forms of the calendar, one generic and one more detailed.

The generic version uses the age of the mother in conjunction with the month the mother conceives. The more detailed calendar will predict the sex of the baby down to the day using the same information.

Both can predict the sex of an un-conceived and unborn baby.

Is It Accurate?

The calendar uses the Chinese lunar calendar, yin and yang, the five elements, the eight diagram, among many other ways of predicting the baby’s gender.

Because it has a more substantial and tested place in history, it has is more reliable than other forms of prediction tools.

Statistics vary, but the prediction rate of the calendar is up to 70% as reported by Doctors and Scientists. However, it is not entirely full proof or as reliable as other medical methods.

Does It Work?

Several scientists and doctors have studied how to conceive a girl using the Chinese calendar. In some instances, the calendar proved to be accurate, but other measures were taken into account such as diet and physical activity.

70% success rateThose who have used the chart with success state that it is imperative to use the correct chart when trying to make your prediction.

There are several different flawed charts which do not use the full Chinese Baby Chart method or elements. For this reason, they often do not predict correctly.

One of the best websites to use is: Several contest that this website has as close to the original prediction chart as possible.

The second piece of advice that is often provided is to make sure to use your lunar age with the chart. Your lunar age is determined by the lunar calendar and is not your real age.

A gender calculator (found at the website mentioned above) will help you to calculate your real lunar age and give you a more accurate reading.

This is one of many natural ways for selecting the gender of your baby.